Day 241 – Give this world good energy.

Three things that make me happy:

1. Not being able to finish a sentence because I’m laughing so hard. The other person is looking at you like hurry the hell up and tell me what is so funny so I can laugh as hard as your laughing to right now.

2. I love when people open up to me. I feel that they can trust me. It’s a great feeling.

3. It’s realized it’s so important to make someone happy. The first person I should start with is myself.

– Felecia

Day 241 – When life knocks you down try to land on your back because if you can look up you can get up – Les Brown

Today, I’m not going to write but I’m going to ask you to write a letter to yourself just like people did in Soul Pancake. I did also. What would you say to yourself? Have a look at this video and see what people are saying to themselves.

– Felecia

Day 240 – Life is an adventure live it up.

It is a beautiful day outside. When I woke up it was hazy and then around 10 AM the sun broke through the clouds and just warmth and ocean breeze just greeted everyone. This is the reason why I moved back to So Cali. I felt at home and at peace. I smiled and whispered, “I’m home.” I could feel the ocean breeze loving stroke the back of my neck as it blew.

It’s the spring

1.  happiness 2

2. happiness

3. happpiness

– Felecia

Quote of the Week / Day 239 – A smile is a curve that sets everything straight!

Today’s quo of the week is courtesy of Untraveled Routes who left a comment on Day 237. It’s the weekend. After finishing this post I’m going to the farmer’s market. Getting my kettle corn and fresh fruit fix.

Let’s start the weekend edition of quotes that make me happy:

1. short-quotes-happy

2. tumblr_l977kfelae1qazj2jo1_1280


3. charles-bukowski

– Felecia

Day 238 – Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form.

The week is rolling on and I must admit, it’s flowing very nicely. I feel like I have breathing room. The Universe has said, we have tested her this last month and we are going to give her a break.

Three things that make me happy inspirational, fun and freaking positive quotes week:


I love this quote. I’m think I’m going to get a wooden plaque made and have it hanging on my front door. So everyone knows don’t bring it here. It’s not welcome.


2. positive-quote

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– Felecia

Day 235 and Day 236 – Stop putting off what you can do today tomorrow.

I had scheduled a post for yesterday and it didn’t post. Excuse my language but damn it! This is the second time this has happened. No more scheduled post from now on.

1. Working out on the beach.

2. Yoga on the beach. Yesterday, I did yoga on the beach for the first time. My body is so sore in places that I haven’t positioned my body in since I was probably a toddler. Let’s just say that I won’t be doing that again.

3. I finally used my free massage from Burke Williams which I so needed after my yoga disaster. It felt so good, I need to do those more often.

Day 236

1. I didn’t get a chance to do my bike ride on the LA river. I just rested my the hellish yoga workout. I just laid in bed. Sometimes the best thing you can do is stay still. Don’t do anything and get your mind and body right.

2. While I was in bed, I wrote pitch letters to magazines that I want to get my bamboo candles featured in.

3. I read a few books that I had been meaning to read. Because my body was sore from yoga, I figured I might as well educated my mind, get lost in love story along with a few laughs.

– Felecia